i t support Services

Software Maintenance Services

Along with regular updates and upgrades to your software applications, it is also important to ensure that they are bug free and remain relevant, useful and easy to operate. Hence as part of our SLA, our team will provide full, uninterrupted support services, post- delivery of the applications. These services will include:

  • Background system maintenance
  • Database maintenance
  • Bug fixing
  • Remote support
  • Back-up and Recovery
  • Data Merging etc.

Ad-hoc IT Services

Given the fast pace of technology on one hand, and large, hybrid organizational structures with diffused decision making on the other, enterprises are bound to come upon a few road blocks on the path to project implementation. 

We are here to fill in the gaps, whether it means developing ad-hoc applications on the go, or solving specific departmental challenges, to ensure that your projects move forward.

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